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4,5 Sterne aus 84 Bewertungen
13 Aug 2019 um 11:26 Yummy food and quick delivery time.
5 Aug 2019 um 20:44 Das essen schmeckt eigentlich immer gut aber jedesmal diese lange Wartezeit (heute über 2h) Das war das letzte mal für uns :(
19 Jul 2019 um 21:37 I ordered the food around 4:00pm to be delivered at 7:00pm because we went to the movie. Luckily my husband was home because the food was delivered at 5:00pm!!!! Not good. If an option exist to order at a specific time, do not bring food 2 hours early!
19 Jul 2019 um 21:15 Super leckeres Essen. Ausreichend große Portionen. Nur hat leider der gewünschte Lieferzeitpunkt (2 Stunden später) überhaupt nicht geklappt, Essen war schon 1 Stunde später da. Nur durch Zufall waren wir da überhaupt anzutreffen.
8 Jul 2019 um 10:48 The food was okay. Got the Chili Masala and it tasted like spicy tomato sauce. The naan didn't have much of a garlic taste and seemed to be microwaved.
20 Jun 2019 um 14:38 The food was very good. The Spicy tikka was actually spicy. The naan was very good and the whole thing was speedy. Not a super cheap meal but not too bad.
1 Jun 2019 um 3:31 The food was great! They couldn't find our apartment, and it was difficult to get ahold of us because of our bad phone reception, but they waited until they were able to deliver our food. It was still piping hot and delicious!
30 Mai 2019 um 12:59 The food was very nice. I really enjoyed their Samosas and Garlic Naan Bread. I found their Mango Curry a bit sweet for my liking but over all I enjoyed it. I much prefer their Chicken Tikka Masala. Definitely going to be ordering again in the future.
29 Mai 2019 um 20:30 The food was amazing, the delivery time was not. Preordered for it to be at my house at 1745.. didnt arrive until 1833.
13 Mai 2019 um 21:07 Good food. Priced nicely. We ordered hours ahead of time and still got on time delivery. May be our new "go-to"
8 Mai 2019 um 6:41 The food came as stated from when I placed the order. The delivery driver was great. He answered all my questions, provided me with paper menu upon request and gave me some great ordering tips. I will order from Maharaja again.
2 Mai 2019 um 10:13 Tolles indisches Essen. Ich bestelle immer von diesem Restaurant. Ich weiß, dass das Essen immer lecker ist. Schnell kochen und schnelle lieferung, ca. 25 minuten. Ich empfehle Maharaja mit beide Händen.